Farmers Market and Event Signage

For us, we took 2 approaches to our Farmers Market and Event signage.  Professionally printed or Handmade.

These banners, printed by Vista Print are economical and dependable.  We use Vista Print for all of our printing needs, their website makes the ordering process very easy!


When you’re first getting started, every dollar matters, so use this link for a discount on your first order!

Vista Print

The other option that we’ve used often, is handwritten signs.  This is the easiest, cheapest option.  I suggest you try to stick with a color scheme, to help create the look you will become known for.  Just go for it!  People with love the personal touch!

Eastern Market

Here’s a flashback photo from our very first event!  A fishing tournament here in Hanover PA.

old school

And one more flashback photo…it’s the Jerky Shack, our first production facility!


There you have it, two signage options for your Farmers Market or Event stand.  The most important thing about signage is to have it!  The second most important thing is to let your personality shine though!


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