Paris-A Few Words Of Warning


We only had one day to see Paris. It was cold, but it was fabulous! A once in a lifetime kinda thing, me and my kids, seeing the world, together! However, there is a thing or two you should be aware of when traveling by train in Paris.

Our day started off with a train ride from from Disneyland Paris into the heart of Paris.

traveling 2

The doors on the train had barely closed when we saw the first beggar.  I have to say that I was a little shocked by the aggressive way the beggar interacted with the passengers on the train.  I had never seen anything like it. Of course, I don’t live in a big city with public transportation, so maybe this happens everyday all over the world, but it was the first time I had experienced it.  It was loud and disruptive.  I can’t imagine what would lead a person to act like this? I felt so conflicted about what to do.  I didn’t know if I should give money or not?  I couldn’t help but watch, but we didn’t say a word.


Another guy was begging on the train we took at the end of the day from the Eiffel Tower to our hotel at CDG airport.  He was shouting, in French, which made it worse because we had no idea what he was saying.  Someone finally gave him some cigarettes and he got off at the next stop.

No one ever talked to us directly, but the situations were uncomfortable, and you should be prepared for this sort of thing if you plan to travel by train in Paris.

On one train, there were so many people packed in our car, I instantly worried about pick pockets.  We kept our backpacks in front of us and away from the door. We maintained high alert knowing how quickly something could happen with so many people in such a small space.

We will never forget our day in Paris.  To see these historic places with my own eyes is life changing!  I can’t help but think about how lucky I am.  I can’t help but think back on these people that crossed our path that day in Paris and wonder what the future holds for them.









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