Best snacks in Paris!

Look what we discovered!

Following a recent business trip to the UK; I had the opportunity to take a few days to relax in Paris with my children.  This post is specifically about a discovery we made while there….Crepes!

Our first encounter with crepes came at Disneyland Paris.  My son Dakotah enjoyed a warm crepe with Nutella….he was hooked immediately!  I was sad that I hadn’t ordered one for myself!

Disneyland Paris Crape with Nutella

Our next encounter with crepes came the very next day.  We were exploring downtown Paris, we were on our way to see the Eiffel Tower when we came across a Farmers Market.

I wasn’t missing my chance this time…I ordered a butter and sugar version for myself

my crepe

And Dakotah went for another Nutella version!

And I couldn’t resist having another crepe later that same day when we stopped for lunch.  Dakotah was determined to try escargot, lucky for me, the little place on the corner, just up the street from the Louvre served both escargot and crepes!  We both left happy!


I’m glad to have discovered crepes, having tried them for the first time while traveling in France made the experience all the better!

I found the recipe to try back home….do you think they will be as magical?

au revoir

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