The Best Paris Souvenirs


Take Home Trinkets

I’m very choosy about the gifts I bring home from our travels.

From Paris, I had intended on bringing home French macarons….. but changed my mind after the first bites!


Instead, I ended up buying 15 of the Eiffel Tower key chains that were sold in all of the souvenir shops around Paris.

Eiffel Tower

There were men walking around selling these in the immediate area of the tower and outside the Louvre.  However, since we had used Nannybag to stash our bags for the day while we did our exploring in Paris (, we picked up 15 of the small key chain sized trinkets to bring home when we picked up our bags.

I give gold stars to Nannybag for safely stowing our bags while we explored Paris, and my only regret on the Eiffel Tower key chains was that I didn’t by 30 of them!

Everyone on my team enjoyed their gift from Paris; but I regret not having extras to share with other people that I work closely with.  Next Time, I’ll buy twice as many as I think I’ll need!

Cheers Y’all!


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