My 3 Top Disneyland Paris Tips

Disneyland Paris

Getting to go to Disneyland Paris with my kids was a dream come true!  I did a ton of studying before we went, and I have these Top Three Tips to share with you.

  1. My first tip is to prepare for the worst-case weather scenario.  During our visit to Disneyland Paris, the first week of March, we experienced freezing temperatures and lots of frozen attractions.  Luckily, we came prepared with lots of layers, including hats, gloves and hand-warmers!  We also saw a few raindrops early in the day, so I was glad that we had an umbrella handy.  We saw lots of people having to buy those light weight Disney rain ponchos!178
  2. My 2nd tip would be to wear good shoes.  We walked 18,000 steps on our day at Disneyland Paris.  You need comfy shoes that are well broke-in!  Our family wears Clarks, so we were warm and dry!shoes
  3. My 3rd tip is to learn 3 key French words. Every person we tried to talk to in France was able to understand and talk to us in English, but we found these 3 words helpful to know in French. Bonjour-Hello, Merci-Thank You and Excusez Moi-Excuse me.  I always said, “Bonjour, I don’t speak French, do you speak English?” and they did, and they were helpful… don’t worry! Speak up!

Bailey at Disney

You won’t want to find yourself in the Happiest Place On Earth only to be unhappy about the weather, your sore feet or because you can’t ask for directions to the closest bathroom!

I hope my top tips help you prepare for your trip to Disneyland Paris!


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