3 French Words You’ll Need To Know


Eiffel Tower

When in Paris, Bonjour! seems to roll out off your lips so so freely.  It’s such a pretty word.  I loved saying it; I loved hearing it.

Bonjour means hello……good day…..it’s a greeting.

You must say Bonjour!

Once you say Bonjour, the next thing I would say is, “I don’t speak French, do you speak English?”  And everyone did speak some English.


mona and d

You’re likely to find yourself needing a little elbow room once or twice during your visit to Paris. Excusez-moi is just the phrase you’ll need! Use your body language to convey that you are sincere.  A smile goes a long way!


Please and Thank You in any language are words of respect and consideration. Merci! is fun to say and is sure to get you a smile in return. That said, I feel like everyone knows “Thank You” especially if it’s said with a warm smile.




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