My Favorite Thing About Disneyland Paris

My favorite part of Disneyland Paris…besides just being in the Magic….in Paris!!!!

We were only there for 1 day.  We only saw the the Disneyland Park.  It was really cold!  Freezing in fact!  We visited the first week of March 2018.  I’d say traffic was relatively light. We waited for most rides 20-30 minutes.  The longest we waited was 45 minutes for the Buzz Lightyear ride.  The FastPasses for Buzz Lightyear were out early so we had to wait in the general line which was long and didn’t move quickly at all.


Unbelievably, 3 of the rides that we were on broke down; the Disneyland Train, Hyperspace Mountain and the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.


But I’m here today to tell you my favorite thing about our day at Disneyland Paris.

My favorite things wasn’t the castle, or It’s A Small World, or lunch at Casey’s Corner…My favorite thing about our day at Disneyland Paris was employee Anna, who truely saved the day! She rushed to our table to alert me that I was about to let my celiac daughter eat something that would have made her very sick! Well done Anna!

Disney Management- I hope you recognize this employee for taking such good care of us! Merci!

Anna Disneyland Paris

It’s hard to travel when someone in your party has special dietary needs.  If my daughter would have eaten the meal we purchased for her, not only would she have been sick all night, but this would have probably ruined our plans for the next day too while she recovered!

I’m grateful that Anna overheard us mention that my daughter has Celiac Disease,  and she took it upon herself to confirm that the Fajitas were not safe, even though we initially thought they would be. It was a close call…too close!

Merci Anna!  Merci Disneyland Paris!


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