3 Things I Missed At Disneyland Paris

As a child, Disneyland was less than a half hour from our southern California home.  So, I’ve always been a big Disney Fan!  When I found out that my kids were coming with me to Europe and that we would have a weekend in Paris; I knew we had to go to Disneyland Paris.

We spent 1 day at Disneyland Paris.  We didn’t see the Walt Disney Studios park or the Disney Village; but we did notice a few classic Disney things missing from the Paris park.

  1. What no Monorail?  This was a big miss in my book!  Every day at Disney should include a ride on the Monorail!
    • I remember waiting extra just so we could ride in the front car.



  2. Who stole the sword?  For us, every trip to Disneyland starts with pictures in front of the castle and then straight into Fantasyland to knock out all the kiddie rides.  So, in Paris, we walked through the castle and into Fantasyland only to see things amiss right away.  The first thing we saw was the Sword In The Stone….well, the stone was there; but there was no sword?????  I have no idea why the sword is missing, if you know anything about this mystery, please drop me a note!sword in the stone
  3. And I can’t tell you the disappointment we felt when we opened the doors to the Disneyland Paris version of the Golden Horseshoe to find they didn’t have the show!  I can’t remember every going to Disneyland or Disney World and not enjoying something moderately priced to eat while watching the knee-slapping, wise cracking live show.  Disneyland Paris does serve food from their Lucky Nugget dining hall, but it’s just not the same without the show!golden horse

There were other differences, but the Disney Magic was everywhere which made our day at Disneyland Paris pretty close to perfect! Disneyland Paris did not disappoint, but as with most things, the original Disneyland was best in my book!


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